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27.4.2016 Senate Inquiry Record - Hansard Transcript 

23.2.2015 - Ministers Statement of Expectations

23.4.2016 - CSIRO Organisational Chart

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CSIRO Staff Association - CSIRO Staff Assocaition - New analysis reveals Marshall cuts deeer than expected

12.6.2016 - CSIRO & Public Good Research - Melbourne Forum Presentation - by Professor Roger Jones

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2.5.2016 - ACT FOCsiro Submission

2.5.2016 - QLD FOCsiro Submission

2.5.2016 - VIC FOCsiro Submission

24.5.2016 - Friends of CSIRO a voice for scientists

24.5.2016 - Scientists and supporters to raise voice in looming federal poll







Some background info about the CSIRO job cuts

CSIRO's renewed climate change focus will not reverse damage done by job cuts: scientists

Scientists say damage done by jobs cuts at CSIRO will not be reversed by Minister's intervention

Turnbull government orders CSIRO U-turn towards climate science

CSIRO Melbourne climate science labs look certain to close under restructure

NSW Farmers: Call to reinstate CSIRO climate research funding

Australian Farmers Need CSIRO

Save CSIRO: the value of public good research

Election 2016: Former chief scientist Penny Sackett condemns CSIRO cuts

Greens pledge $5bn over four years for research and innovation

Labor pledges $1.2B to repair Australia's Science

Former Chief Scientist Penny Sackett condemns CSIRO cuts

People power: CSIRO scientists campaign against Coalition cuts

Australian climate job cuts leave hole in Southern Hemisphere research

CSIRO dismantles 'integrated' climate science group as pressure mounts on Larry Marshall

CSIRO cuts: as redundancies are announced, the real cost is revealed

Larry Marshall: the CSIRO leader who divides opinions

CSIRO dismantles 'integrated' science group as pressure mounts on Larry Marshall

The inconvenient scientists

CSIRO set to axe jobs

Australia to Lay Off Leading Scientist on Sea Levels

Cuts to CSIRO threaten Parkes radio telescope: is this the end for the Dish?

CSIRO scientist says job cuts to the organisation's climate research are trashing Australia's international reputation

CSIRO shows how 150-year-old turbine technology will power a sustainable future

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